Name The Newsletter!

When the REXX Language Association was created in 1994, we also wanted to publish a newsletter, in order to keep you all up to date of what was going on in the REXX world, in the widest sense possible.  The printed issues were simply called "The RexxLA Newsletter", which is a rather formal designation.  Not bad, but we can do better.

So we would like the help of all of you - the readers - in giving this magazine a nicer name, and are doing it in the form of this contest, called "Name The Newsletter".

We won't be giving out any prizes, but hope that whoever gets to see her/his/their suggested name on the cover of the newsletter next year will enjoy the gratification of having suggested a really good name!

The rules are:

  1. Anyone can submit a suggestion.
    - Multiple suggestions from the same person will be accepted.
    - Each entry must be in a separate email item.
    - Duplicates from the same person will be ignored.
  2. The suggested name must be the only text on the first line of the email item.
    - The rest of the item will be taken as its rationale, or explanation of how to format the suggested name.
  3. The subject of the email item must be "NTN", and nothing else.
  4. Email your entries to <>.
  5. Closing date of entries for names is midnight GMT, Oct 10, 1998.
  6. A panel of judges will rate each different suggested name.
    - Scale: -5 to +5 (-5 is the worst, +5 the best, and 0 neutral).
    - The judges will receive only the suggested names, not who suggested them.
  7. The three suggested names with the highest scores will be published in the Nov '98 issue of the RexxLA newsletter.
  8. Then we ask you - the readers - to vote on these three suggestions.
    - That issue will also contain a form for submitting your ratings.
  9. Closing date on your votes is midnight GMT, Nov 20, 1998.
    - Scale: -1 to +1 (-1 is the worst, +1 the best, and 0 neutral).
    - You can give each suggestion any score on the scale.
    - You may rate your own suggestion (if it is one of the three), since some one else may also      have suggested it!
  10. The final results will be published in the Dec issue of the RexxLA newsletter, and if all goes well, the first issue in the new year will be published under the name with the highest score.
    - A tie for first place will be broken by the panel of judges.
  11. The panel of judges reserves the right to cancel the contest if - in their opinion - the number (or quality) of entries is too low.


  • We want a *good* name for the newsletter, so please take your time to think of a name you'd appreciate seeing years from now.
  • Please ensure that your entries will make a good logo on the cover of a printed-on-paper version of the newsletter; you never can tell...
  • Correspondence with the judges about the entries will be frowned on - at least until after the contest; they already have enough to do...

The panel of judges:

    David P. Both
    Peter Buck
    Frank Clarke
    Michael F. Cowlishaw
    Cathie Dager