Name The Newsletter!

In the September issue we announced the "Name The Newsletter" contest. Due to the publish-date of that issue, we already moved the original end date for reader-suggestions up, and are - once again - changing it.

Now the latest due date for your suggestions is November 15 of 1998, at GMT midnight.  The judge's panel won't need to sit in judgement till start of December.  We'll post the three best suggestions in the Jan. '99 issue for all you readers to vote on, with midnight (GMT) of Jan 15, 1999 being the cut-off date for your votes.

The Feb '99 newsletter should greet you with the new name, with details of the results.

Please send your suggestions to:

with a subject line:


The first line of text will be taken as your suggestion, with all else as explanation / rationalization.     Please see the Sep. '98 issue for the rest of the rules.

F. Scott Ophof  <>  (Editor)