Editorial Ramblings

So here we are, publishing our third issue.  Also the last one for this year, the next-to-penultimate year of this century.  As we all know, 2001 will be the first year of the 21st century.  To remember that more easily (and that there was no year 0) just think of the quip:
   "The Roman Empire failed because it was not year '0' compliant".

There is also some news about the Board and other volunteers taking part in the Rexx Language Association (see the article).  What may not be directly evident in that list of people is that Larry Nomer resigned so quietly that I didn't hear about it and couldn't thank him from all of us for his contributions to RexxLA.  Gabe Goldberg takes his place on the board.  Welcome Gabe!

Be sure to mark your calendar for May 3-5, 1999 and plan to join other Rexx language enthusiasts in sunny Jacksonville, Florida for the tenth International Rexx Symposium.  Please watch the RexxLA website for further information and registration details on this event.  The host for the Syposium is ALLTEL Information Services, Mortgage Division (www.alltelmd.com), and the Rexx Symposium is sponsored by RexxLA, an educational nonprofit corporation.

Due to two authors being extremely busy for their employers, we will be publishing their articles next month.  In the meantime, let me give you an update on my previous Editorial Ramblings, the one with that fictive conversation.  The last part was:

    John:  "No HTML?"
    Dick:  "Just plain ol' text."
    John:  "How about URLs?"
    Tom:   "Not even that!"
    Dick:  "Does he use a computer??"

Aside from the HTML work done by the RexxLA webmaster, we're now trying out some simple stuff like bold.  Most URLs and email addresses are now "clickable" like on any other web page.  Our primary goals are to keep the newsletter as readable as possible and servable to the reader in the shortest time possible.  So do please keep us informed of any problems you may encounter with the newsletter.  In the meantime, I'm getting used to the Lynx text-mode browser on my Unix host.  It sure is quick when compared to graphics-mode browsers.

Upcoming articles you may be seeing soon are on subjects like setting up a standard Rexx skeleton file, a webcrawler written in Rexx, etc.  An article (series) on the porting of Rexx programs is being worked on as we speak, and an article on Rexx in OS/2.  We're also working on two test reviews of Rexx-related products.

My favorite file manager has always been the Norton Commander, which I find the easiest to use on my DOS machine.  But it's not Rexx-aware, nor can I change the definitions of its keys and such.  So Leif-Erik Larsen's "LC" might be my next file manager, *IF* he decides to implement those two features in "LC". 


is Leif's web page, if you're interested in details.

A quite interesting development is using a mouse in the VM/CMS world via your workstation (NOT 3270 terminals!).  For more information see the web page

by Rick Ellis.

I invite your comments/ideas/suggestions on these two subjects, folks!

Hope to see you back here in January, and may Santa Claus, Sinterklaas, Pere Noel, and The Force be with you.  A happy holiday season to all!

F. Scott Ophof (editor) Newsletter@RexxLA.org