Parse Readers

This is our first comments-from-readers column, coming to you in the third issue of the RexxLA newsletter.  Please do not hesitate to write us at since your letters are always welcome.  We hope more people tell us what they think of both the contents and the general setup of the newsletter.

Stephen E. Bacher,, wrote:

    Great job!
    I'd like to add some comments:

      Tip of the Month - to which I must add:  if you don't use SIGNAL ON NOVALUE, you deserve what you get.

      Dr. Rx - good problem application, that Base-64 decoder, but what I would really like to see right away would be a quoted-printable decoder.  That is probably easier to get working, and doesn't involve the creation of binary files that might not work on a given OS.

[Ed] Thank you from all of us, Mr. Batchman!  Of course Dr. Rx has read your note, and you might want to read the good doctor's column for this month...

Mace Moneta,, wrote:

    I really enjoyed the REXXwishes article by Scott Ophof.  I agree with the need for a standard version of REXX, but I'd propose two standard versions.  A full ANSI REXX, and a "tiny REXX" for use in environments where the full implementation is not appropriate    (on-CPU/microcontroller ROMs instead of tiny Basic or Forth, embedded applications, Palm Pilots, etc.).  This dual versioning has worked well for other languages, making them usable across broad product lines.

[Ed] Sounds like an interesting idea for firmware applications.  NetRexx might be an even better idea.  What say you, Mike Cowlishaw?