Name the Newsletter

The judges have returned their votes on the 16 names suggested for the RexxLA newsletter.  You can see their three favorites in the alphabetical list below, with the rationalization offered by their suggestors (who for the time being shall remain nameless).

Two of the suggestions tied for second place.  Including the fourth-place suggestion was not possible; the rating difference between the top three and the others was just too large.

The three highest-placing suggestions:

  • REXXchange
         "A medium for exchange of Rexx-related information."
         (This name was created near the end of 1990 by Horst Kiehl, who did
         not have a Rexx[LA] newsletter in mind.)
  • REXXpressions
         (No rationalization given, or needed.)
  • Sourceline()
         "After all, it's the source of information for the REXX community"

Thanks to the panel of judges (being Cathie Dager, Michael F. Cowlishaw, David P. Both, Peter Buck, and Frank Clarke) for their deliberations and patience because of various delays, and to Roger Root for the idea of the 2-stage setup (ie. first a panel of judges for a preselection, then the readers for the final vote).

Now we're asking all you readers to think seriously about the above list, and then to send us your votes.

The purpose of the name is to have a "handle" representing RexxLA itself, and the people reading the newsletter, both now and in the future.  My impression of the choices made by the panel of judges is that something related to Rexx definitely was important, but "cute" was NOT.

BTW, RexxLA is for ANY type of Rexx, be it Classic Rexx, Object Rexx, or NetRexx.  That is of necessity an open list, since we don't know what the future may bring...

Who can vote?

All readers of the RexxLA newsletter who have a valid email address.  Only one vote per person, of course...


Given other deadlines and our wish to go with the new name as soon as possible, we will have to ignore any votes arriving after GMT midnight of January 24, 1999.  So please send your vote in soonest!

Publication of the results:

The Feb. issue will carry the winning name, and it will be announced in that issue with details and the choicest of your comments.  The results will also be posted on the RexxLA and REXXLIST mailing lists.

Vote marks:

You can give each of the entries any of the three following marks:

    YES  If you DO like it.

    OK   If neither good nor bad.

    NO   If you do NOT like it.

So if for example you like two of them, by all means give them both a "Yes".  Or maybe you do not like ANY of them; then give them all "No".

How to vote:

Send email to us at  with ALL the suggestions, with one of "Yes", "No", or "0" following each suggestion.  You can also add your opinions; we'll publish the choicest of them (unless you include the word "Anonymous").

Or copy the form below, put an "x" in the column of your choice (one per line), and send the form to us at

Thanks in advance for your vote!

$$/  F. Scott Ophof (the score-keeper)


The Voting Form

============================== Cut here ==============================

          RexxLA "Name the Newsletter" Contest

    Suggestion     No  OK  Yes        Anonymous? __
    REXXchange     __  __  __         Deadline:
    REXXpressions  __  __  __         Midnight (GMT) Jan 24, 1999
    Sourceline()   __  __  __

    Please add any comments below: