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Frank Clarke's REXX Tools

Holicau!    Look who's Mainframe Week's "Website of the Week" for 9 OCT 2002!  Yup... you're lookin' at it.

Since being named WSOTW by MainframeWeek, I have received some disquieting reports from abroad.  Specifically, some (most) of the routines use the U.S. dollar sign in variable names and this apparently can cause non-USian users fits.  You may have to manually correct this if it seems to be a problem.

Secondly, it appears that "Save As..." will add the occasional blank line at the end of the Saved-as text.  Routines which have embedded ISPF elements will fail because DEIMBED insists the last line be "*/" and won't run if it isn't.  None of these routines have blank lines at the bottom; if your copy has blank lines, those lines must be manually removed.

I have created or collaborated on a great deal of REXX code for MVS.  Much of it is cause for great pride and I admit to having succumbed to it, so much so that I now present some of that code for you to browse, admire, and acquire for your own use.  (Not all of these routines were written by me; a fair few are the work of [and appear with the permission of] Chris Lewis, The World's Laziest Programmer, but I include them here because

  1. they're excellent tutorials,
  2. they're necessary to the running of some of the other code you'll find here,
  3. I did considerable revamping on them,

or all of the above.)

Recently I have started blogging about some of the trickier code you'll find here. See

"The principal virtues of a programmer are Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris."
-- Larry Wall

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