27th International Rexx
Language Symposium
28-31 August 2016
Tampa, Florida USA
Sponsored by
Rexx Language Association

An object code replacement
for SysDumpVariables()
with added capabilities

Les Koehler
30 August 2016

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ooSysDumpVariables uses Open Obect Rexx code to implement all the capabilities of SysDumpVariables and will sort the output properly, including stemmed variables. It avoids CR/LF problems in data so opening the output file doesn't produce confusing results when they are present. An optional feature sets the width of the Name field, does validity checking and displays hex data nicely.


These RexxLA members contributed to this effort:

I am deeply indebted to both of them.


One of the hardest problems to solve when I wrote the original DumpVars, which I presented at the 2008 Rexx Symposium, was dealing with carriage return (CR) and line feed (LF) in data.

Luckily, my pc guy, Gary Richtmyer of C&G Web Enterprises had already solved that problem for one of his customers. He volunteered to modify his code to handle the format produced by SysDumpVariables(). That turned out to be a file of 221 lines.

When I found out that ooRexx had the ability to pass the whole variable pool to an external routine via .context~variables, I started this effort on 17 Oct 2015 and, with Gil's help, had it functional by the end of the day! The file is 117 lines.


 Call oosysdumpvariables .context~variables , outfile [, width]

width defaults to 15.

If width=0 then expanded_dumpvars.rex will not be executed for the optional validation and hex features, thus CR and LF will be shown as <CR> and <LF>.


Here is the code: oosysdumpvariables.rex.html


When run from the command line, this is the result: oosysdumpvariables.rex_help.txt.html

Summary and Conclusion


You've seen:

Would Anyone like to explore any of the above in more detail, or have a question?


Its been quite interesting Learning By Example to develop ooSysDumpVariables.

Until the code gets posted on RexxLA.org, it can be requested from me.

Thank you for your attention and participation!