ooRexx 5.0.0 GA

23 Dec 2022

The ooRexx (open object Rexx) team is pleased to release ooRexx 5.0.0 and make it generally available to the world via the web from https://sourceforge.net/projects/oorexx/files/oorexx/5.0.0/.

ooRexx is the object-oriented successor to IBM's famous Rexx language which remains easy to learn, easy to program in and easy to maintain, thanks to keeping up the "human centric" design principle. The "Rexx Language Association (RexxLA)" https://www.rexxla.org/ is the owner of the source code, originally donated by IBM in 2004 and improved considerably and continuously since then.

Rexx programs can be run unchanged with ooRexx 5.0.0 and can be gradually augmented with the many beneficial new features ooRexx 5.0.0 brings to the table, like redirectable commands from and into running Rexx programs, new and helpful classes like the RexxInfo class, new ability to annotate programs (packages), routines, classes, methods and attributes, ability to easily define multiline strings (e.g. for SQL statements, boiler plate text, base64 encoded binary data ...) and many more.

Among the notable improvements are numerous bug fixes compared to its predecessor ooRexx 4.2.0, noticeable speed improvements over ooRexx 4.2.0 and much more useful functionality. Please consult the file docs/CHANGES.txt for more information.

After downloading ooRexx 5.0.0 and installing take a look into the samples directory which contains programs that demonstrate some of its capabilities. The Windows version has numerous examples that demonstrate how to interact with Microsoft Office, Apache Open Office/LibreOffice and many of the Windows infrastructures taking advantage of their OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) interfaces.

To get more information and support you can use the ooRexx Sourceforge project's "Tickets" or "Mailing Lists" infrastructure.

In addition you may consider joining the non-profit "Rexx Language Association (RexxLA)" for free at https://www.rexxla.org/members/index.rsp?action=join where Rexx experts of all kind of Rexx interpreters on all important operating systems are already members, including the language creators and implementers.

So download the brand new ooRexx 5.0.0 and start to explore it! Have fun and enjoy!

The ooRexx team, cyberspace, 23 Dec 2022

P.S.: Please, if you can, make all of your friends, all of your colleagues and the media you are interested in aware of this great event for ooRexx 5.0.0 (a short e-mail is quickly done)!