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RexxLA Membership Application

The membership year begins on May 1.

City or locality State/Province, or "none"
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Member Email This email address will be used for access to the Members Only area of www.rexxla.org and is the default for the Forum Mail List.
Mark this box if you DO NOT want access to the RexxLA Forum Mail List. Leave it unmarked if you want to tailor your options from the Mail List Maintenance page.
Forum Email This email address will be used for the RexxLA Forum Mail List. Replace 'same' with the desired email address if different from your Member email address above. There must be something here or check the box above.
Alternate Forum Email This email address lets you receive and send posts to the RexxLA Forum from an additional email address, perhaps your cell phone, web mail or business account.

Membership Dues

The membership year begins on May 1.

  • Full voting membership is US$24 annually.
  • All memberships expire on May 1.
  • Membership applications or renewals made between January 1 and March 31 are US$12 but expire the following May 1. Applications made during the month of April will be held until May 1.
  • Student (non-voting) membership is US$12 annually.   Students must include a photocopy of their student id enclosed with their offline application, or other appropriate documentation of their status.

Please indicate your membership application type:

Full Membership
Student Membership

Please indicate if your membership application is Join or Renew:

Join (New Member)
Renew (I was a member on 1 April)

Payment Methods

Please select your method of payment:
PayPal or On-line Credit Card (preferred method, most secure and timely)
Money Order drawn on US Bank
Personal Check drawn on US Bank

Completing Your RexxLA Membership Application

Press the Confirm button.   This will respond with a page confirming your selections.

If you indicated you will be paying by online Credit Card, you will be transferred to PayPal where you can securely enter the details of your card.   You do not need a PayPal account to use this method of payment.   If you don't have a PayPal account (or don't wish to use it) simply indicate that when PayPal asks.   You will be prompted for the necessary information at that point.  

For all other payment methods please print the confirmation page, and send it with your payment to RexxLA at the address on the confirmation page.

If you want a record of your application, please print the confirmation page.