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Photos from the 2004 Rexx Symposium


Mike reminiscing on 25 years of Rexx. Dave expousing the virtues of GTK+
Mark wondering where the background image has gone; after making a point of thanking Ian for it! Florian strutting the GCI stage.

IBM Museum Tour

Our knowledgable guide Mike making some last-minute changes to NetRexx...
...and running a final test!

Mäulesmühle Restaurant

Everyone keen to get into the restaurant; well apart from Chip. Even in the middle of 14th century Mill, Mike still can't stop working.
Chip doing a great Santa Claus impression prior to the start of the quiz.

Birthday Celebrations

The 25th birthday cake. Video of the cake cutting (7.5mb)
Some of the birthday participants. Lining up. With Rexx you can have your cake and eat it too!