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REX 1.04 News



   REX 1.04 News

REX 1.04 announcement for VMNews -- 21 August 1979

Copyright (c) International Business Machines Corporation, 1979.
All Rights Reserved

**** From Mike Cowlishaw ... WINPA MFC ****

REX is now in use in over forty locations, and naturally there have been
some bugs found, enhancements made, et cetera.  This pack will bring
you up to date to Version 1.04. (Aug 21st 1979).  I hope future update
packs will be smaller and less frequent!

Some users have asked whether REX is stable enough to be put on 'floor'
systems.  The answer is yes: it is already on many systems.

   Direct Variable interface: called programs now have a well defined
     interface with which they can read, set, or drop the current
     generation of REX variables.
   REX EXEC's may now be invoked as Functions (i.e. from within an
     expression).  The RETURN instruction will then automatically
     pass back a result directly (not via the stack).
   Hex strings may include imbedded blanks to improve readability.
   EMSG MODULE has the equivalent effect to &EMSG in normal EXEC's. May
     also be used with EXEC 2.
   Three new functions (WCOUNT, NEST, and READFLAG) added to REXFNS.
   SAY is no longer restricted to 130 characters.

Bugs fixed etc.:
   Bugs in FIND and WORD functions fixed.
   Bug in SUBSTR fixed, restrictions on INDEX/POS/LASTPOS relaxed
   Bug in SIGNAL ON EXIT cured
   TRACE Scan improved
   Problem with accidental aliasing of input parameters fixed
   Some clarifications and corrections made to the documentation

Contributions from other users:

   >>>> More contributions of REX functions and EXEC's are     <<<<
   >>>> welcomed for inclusion in the next update pack.        <<<<

     interactive 'calculator'
   RXTRANS: Ron Lautman HARVM(CCP07)
     equivalent to PL/I TRANSLATE function, defaults to Upper Case
   RXUSERID: Ron Lautman HARVM(CCP07)
     returns name of your virtual machine
   WCOUNT and NEST functions (in REXFNS) by Steve Davies WINPA(FILES)

Let me know if you wish to be dropped from the distribution list.
(e.g. because REX is on a shared disk maintained by someone else)

 **  The update files should arrive soon (as one continous deck      **
 **  to be YDISK LOADed).  The first file (REXSUP SENDLIST) lists    **
 **  those included.                                                 **