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IBM VM/SP Rel 3, System Product Interpreter (REXX)



   IBM VM/SP Rel 3, System Product Interpreter (REXX)


9 Feb 1983
Copyright © International Business Machines Corporation, 1983. All Rights Reserved

I am pleased to be able to inform you that VM/SP release 3 was
announced in the USA on 1st February 1983, and in Europe on 7th

It includes REX as the System Product Interpreter.  The relevant
parts of the full VM/SP R3 announcement letter are attached below.

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The  System  Product  Interpreter is a new command and macro
processor.   It  can  be  used for interpreted applications,
command  processing and generation, for macros such as those
used  by  the  System  Product Editor, as a desk calculator,
mathematical  problem  solver,  or for any other purpose for
which  an  interpreted  simple-to-use  language is suitable.
Syntax is in a high level form which is easy to learn.

Highlights of the System Product Interpreter include:

  - Extended Control Structure:
      Iterate and Leave
  - Full set of arithmetic, character, and logical operators
  - Selection of Standard functions
  - Free Format, Mixed Case
  - Interactive Debug
  - In line Function and Subroutine calls
  - Decimal and Scientific arithmetic capability.
  - Built-in string parsing instructions

The System Product Interpreter will be the primary interpre-
tive  command  and  macro processor for VM/SP in the future.
It  is intended that all future enhancements will be applied
to  the  System  Product Interpreter.   EXEC and EXEC 2 will
remain  supported  and  will  coexist with the more powerful
System Product Interpreter.


New publications to be added to the Library:

 + VM/SP  System  Product  Interpreter  User's   Guide  -  A
   step-by-step guide  to  using  the  System Product Inter-
   preter for new users.
 + VM/SP System Product Interpreter Reference - A complete
   compilation of reference information for using the System
   Product Interpreter.
 + VM/SP System Product Interpreter Reference Summary - this
   publication provides quick synoptic reference information
   about  System  Product  Interpreter  statements and their

These publications  will become  available when  the product
becomes available.

Note: the above is shown in the original announcement letter format.