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   REXX for VSE


9 Feb 1993
Copyright © International Business Machines Corporation, 1993. All Rights Reserved

NUMBER     293-063
DATE       930209
TYPE       Programming

ABSTRACT          REXX/VSE (5686-058) supports both interpreted and compiled
                  REXX/VSE enables the powerful Systems Application Architecture
           (R) (SAA (TM)) REXX language in the VSE Batch environment to do many
           tasks and VSE operations automation.  The easy-to-use REXX language
           allows programs to be written in a clear and structured manner.  Its
           key characteristics include powerful character string manipulation,
           automatic data typing, and high-precision arithmetic.  Using REXX for
           automation tasks has the advantages of increased productivity,
           consistency, simplification and usability over other methods.  In
           addition, since REXX is an SAA language, both REXX programs and
           knowledge can be ported between systems.
                  REXX/VSE is highly readable and easy to learn and use.  It
           allows the user to build and send commands, and facilitates the
           handling of arrays.  REXX/VSE has a rich set of built-in functions;
           built-in parsing with many options; and offers dynamic
           interpretation.  It includes condition trapping to save the user from
           coding many error checking routines.
                  Planned Availability Date:  September 17, 1993.
            (R) Registered trademark of International Business Machines
            (TM) Trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
           IN BRIEF . . .
           o   VSE/ESA Operation Automation enables direct communication to the
               operator console and may be used for automation, substitution,
               and/or parameterization of VSE Job execution.
           o   Support for both interpreted and compiled REXX programs is
               included in this product.  It consists of both a full REXX
               interpreter and the library for REXX/370.  The library allows
               REXX programs compiled on TSO or CMS to be executed.
           o   JCL streams can be created dynamically via REXX EXECs.
           o   REXX can be used in any partition like other application
           o   SAA compatibility that allows porting of REXX programs and
               development of common applications between platforms.  This
               increases customer value for all VM/VSE users.
           o   Offers consistent REXX interfaces with the TSO/E implementation
               that increases portability of MVS subsystems and applications to
PRODNO       5686-058

AVAILABLE  17 September 1993

Note: the above is shown in the original announcement letter format.